365 Dressings Absorbent With Adhesive Border 10Cm X 15Cm Pk 50


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  • 365 Absorbent Dressings (click link to see similar Products) are suitable for use as a primary dressing for low exudate wounds. For example; cuts and abrasions, clean closed post-operative wounds, protection of donor sites, minor burns, protection against skin breakdown due to friction or continuous moisture exposure, and fixation of catheters. 365 Absorbent Dressings are NOT suitable for use with moderate to high exudate wounds. For example; full-thickness burns, deep cavity wounds, or as a replacement for sutures and other primary wound closure methods.
  • To apply 365 Absorbent Dressings, cleanse the wound and ensure the surrounding skin is clean, dry, and free from soaps, creams, and oils. Select a dressing size large enough to provide a margin that adheres to dry healthy skin around the wound site and apply.
  • To remove 365 Absorbent Dressings, gently peel and lift one corner of the dressing from the skin. Support the skin whilst peeling the dressing off horizontally (not vertically) and in the direction of hair growth. Care should be taken to avoid skin damage with repeated applications, or on patients with fragile skin.
  • Precautions: Stop any bleeding at the site before applying the dressing. Do not stretch the dressing during application as tension can cause skin trauma. Do not use it if the peel pouch is opened or damaged. If the condition of the wound deteriorates, consult your healthcare professional.

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