Cutimed Protect Medical Skin Protection Spray 28Ml


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Product Description 

Cutimed Protect Spray Providing medical skin protection is an indispensable task in the treatment of exuding wounds and chronic wounds throughout all healing phases. The new Cutimed Protect spray and foam applicator offer effective support: They provide a long-lasting protective barrier against both, external threats such as incontinence or wound fluids that impact the skin as well as the risk of water loss. Protects wound margins and peri-wound skin from external factors including wound exudate, incontinence, friction. Preserves and maintains intact or irritated skin by building a moisture barrier with good permeability to oxygen and water vapour. Prevents maceration by providing up to 96 hours of moisture barrier action. Effective adjunctive skin therapy during treatment of chronic wounds e.g. venous or arterial, diabetic foot or pressure ulcers, or whenever skin requires a protective shield.



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