Mepilex Border Lite 10Cm X 10Cmpk 10


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Size Name:10cm x 10.5cm Dressing x 10 Mepilex Border Lite 10cm x 10.5cm Dressing x 10 – 403-1621 Mepilex Border Lite minimises pain to the patient and trauma to the wound at dressing changes. The Safetac technology prevents Mepilex Border Lite from sticking to the wound bed yet adheres gently to the surrounding skin. Mepilex Border Lite is ideal for those locations where a thin self-adherent dressing is required. It is a very conformable and gentle alternative to other thin adhesive bordered dressings. Features and Benefits Minimises pain and trauma at dressing change Self-adherent – no secondary fixation needed Shower proof, bacterial and viral barrier* Can be used under compression bandages Promotes patient comfort; thin and very comfortable to wear Can remain in place for several days depending on the condition of the wound Can be reapplied Low potential for skin irritation and allergy microbes > 25nm Designed for a wide range of non to low exuding wounds such as leg and foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, digit wounds and traumatic wounds, e.g. skin tears and secondary healing wounds



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