Mepore Film & Pad Dressing 4Cm X 5Cm Pack 85


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Mepore Film & Pad is a transparent self-adhesive absorbent film dressing. Mepore Film & Pad is a transparent fluid, viral and bacteria repellent (microbes larger than 25 nm) that makes it easy to monitor the patients wound. The highly absorbent pad and high vapour permeable film offers excellent fluid handling. It’s skin friendly adhesive is gentle to the skin and at the same time provide secure fixation. Use Mepore Film & Pad treating patients with wounds with low to moderate exudate levels, such as surgical wounds, cuts, and abrasions. Transparent dressing for easy wound monitoring that reduces risk for maceration Flexible and high absorbency pad minimises risk of skin irritation Breathable, shower-, viral- and bacterial-proof backing



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