Nair Body Wax Strips 12S


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Product Description 

Nair Body Wax Strips This product box contains 12 wax strips. Size of Strips: L165mm, W16mm Size of Wax part of the Strips: L130mm, W51.5mm Easy to use wax strips. Want to remove hair quickly but with lasting results? Fed up waiting for your to grow long enough to wax? Looking for the fastest & simplest wax to use on-the-go? Simply whisk away hair in minutes with Nair Easy Wax strips. These innovative fruity-fragranced wax strips have a special non-woven soft cloth backing and natural resin wax to adhere firmly & instantly to even the shortest hairs, but not the skin. The strip is then immediately pulled away removing all the hairs, even those as short as 2mm, with clinically proven efficacy.

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