Tegaderm Foam Dressing Adhesive Oval 10 X 11 (Pack Of 10)


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Product description

Tegaderm Adhesive Foam Dressing-Tegaderm Adhesive Dressings provide total fluid management by a combination of fast wicking, high absorbency and breathability. The innovative spoke delivery system allows fast, easy application for wounds over body contours. Features and Benefits Reduced potential for skin maceration Unique moist skin adhesive provides adherency to dry and moist skin conditions Soft, conformable-patient comfort Oval design conforms to contours Mini wrap design ideal for toes, feet, noses, elbows and chins Easy spoke delivery Suggested Applications: Pressure ulcers, Venous leg ulcers, Abrasions, Superficial, partial thickness burns, Arterial ulcers, Skin tears, Neuropathic ulcers, As a secondary cover dressing for use in conjunction with wound fillers (such as gauze or alginate dressings), Under compression wrap systems.



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