Urgoclean Hydro-Desloughing 10Cm X 10Cm Pk 10


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Product Description 

High-efficacy poly-absorbent fibers trap the sloughy residue within the dressing. These residues will then be absorbed and retained by the dressing structure to aid removal and prepare the wound for improved healing. The polyacrylate fibers in UrgoClean are highly absorbent, gelling on contact with exudate for effective vertical absorption with no lateral spread of exudate. UrgoClean pad has the capacity to absorb up to 1700 g of exudate per M2 on average. This absorption is equivalent to that of hydrofibre (aquake, draffier) and alginate (allosteric) dressings. The presence of TLC helps removal of the dressing to be pain-free for the patient and atraumatic for the wound. Measures 10 cm length by 10 cm width.



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