Medicareplus Medi Derma Pro Skin P/Tec Oint, 115 G


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Product Description 

Medi derma-pro is a new formulation of skin Protectant and moisture barrier ointment that was designed to provide effective skin protection from the effects of urine, faeces, friction and shear for both at-risk and compromised skin. Medi derma-pro is a greaseless, pH balanced, fragrance-free skin Protectant suitable for everyday use as a moisture barrier to protect the skin from irritation due to faecal and urinary incontinence and provide hydration to clinically dry skin. On application, medi derma-pro forms a long-lasting protective waterproof barrier that protects and prevents associated trauma to at-risk skin whilst repairing and restoring the integrity of compromised skin. When medi derma-pro ointment and medi derma-pro foam & Spray cleanser are used in conjunction, it provides a structured skin care regime for total barrier protection of skin damaged from the effects of severe incontinence and excessive moisture.



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